Our Story

The Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA) is a champion for retired NFL players. Our efforts are focused on bettering the lives of those who gave so much to the game. After hanging up their cleats, life after football varies for every player. We strongly believe that each player, no matter what their position or how long they played, should receive some level of support. We're passionate about our members, and that's what drives us to tackle issues that matter to them.

Our Beginnings

As a result of the 2013 Dryer, et al.v. National Football League case, the decision was made to establish an organization to benefit all retired NFL players. In April 2016, PFRPA began its work to develop health, welfare and educational programs for retired NFL players. Through the Greater Good Fund, PFRPA's 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, we are able to provide and research high-quality programs, resources and services for retired NFL players.

What We Do

Providing Benefits

The PFRPA Dental Plan and the PFRPA Vision Plan are two insurance programs offered to retired NFL players, who effectively retired by July 2013, and their spouses. The PFRPA Dental Plan is a valuable benefit that provides a $3,000 calendar year maximum for members and their spouses to take care of their oral health. We also offer retired players and their spouses the PFRPA Vision Plan, which provides coverage that includes one pair of frames, with prescription lenses, and an annual supply of contacts.

Creating Opportunities

The PFRPA Social Media Workshop is a training opportunity for retired NFL players who want to engage and grow their social media influence for personal brands, businesses or organizations. Gridiron Gaming provides retired NFL players opportunities to compete again, while giving fans a chance to engage with their heroes. We create interactive, family-friendly experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds, bridging the gap between traditional sports and esports. This program brings retired NFL and esports players together, creating a unique community where all can connect, learn and compete.

Facilitating Partnerships

At the start, PFRPA brought on WME | IMG to establish an independent licensing agency known as the Football Greats Alliance (FGA). FGA is PFRPA’s licensing agency that develops partnerships to give back to all retired NFL players. Through FGA, retired players have opportunities to come together with their peers and brands to collaborate on commercials, product deals, speaking engagements and more. FGA partnerships help players earn income and provide revenue for the Greater Good Fund to support all retired players.

Preserving legacies

We developed PFRPA Media to create engaging and dynamic content, with a focus on capturing retired NFL players’ histories, achievements and lives after football. We share retired players’ interviews, insights and stories through the PFRPA Podcast Series, webinars and other media.

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