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Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA) is the first independent and court-established retired NFL player organization, exclusively designed to develop programs and benefits for the betterment of retired NFL players. PFRPA oversees the Greater Good Fund, its 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, which is specifically designed to develop health, welfare and educational programs for retired NFL players.

The Greater Good Fund receives 25% of the proceeds from group licensing and sponsorship deals, secured through PFRPA’s licensing agency, the Football Greats Alliance.

Here are the types of programs, benefits and issues PFRPA will evaluate:

  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Medical Research
  • Medical Screenings & Evaluations
  • Short & Long-Term Housing
  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • Career Transition Programs

PFRPA exists to solidify and preserve the legacy of retired NFL players. It is of great importance to honor and respect the greatness of our members and empower retired players. We will maximize economic and member benefits to drive the collective influence of all retired players, with the hope of being able to enrich their lives after the NFL.

PFRPA Dental Plan

In April 2017, PFRPA began notifying and enrolling members in the first-ever dental insurance program for its members, retired players that effectively retired by July 2013. The PFRPA Dental Plan, which is administered by MetLife, offers unprecedented coverage for retired players and their spouses.  

Eligibility & Plan Coverage

Option 1

Retired NFL Player: A player is covered under this plan if he retired from the NFL by July 2013. The calendar year maximum is $3,000. PFRPA pays for 100% of the monthly premiums. 

Option 2

Retired NFL Player + Spouse:  A retired NFL player can elect to share his coverage with his spouse. The calendar year maximum is $3,000. PFRPA pays for 100% of the monthly premiums. To include lawful spouses, PFRPA members will need to fill out and sign the Affidavit for Spousal Eligibility. Please send in completed forms by fax to 1-855-471-9770 or email to [email protected].

Thoughts from Retired NFL Players

"Thank you for the great work you are doing to help the lives of NFL players.”

– Buddy Curry, Atlanta Falcons (1980-87)

"I was a beneficiary of the Dental Plan this past year. Thank you!”

– Joe Ehrmann, Baltimore Colts (1973-80); Detroit Lions (1981-82)

"Unbelievable! I didn’t think it was real when I received my card in the mail from PFRPA. I’ve had full mouth x-rays, a cleaning, and two fillings!”

– Brad Leggett, New Orleans Saints (1990-91, 93); Detroit Lions (1992)

"Thank you, Pro Football Retired Players Association, for the Dental Plan. I used it today, and it worked perfectly. It saved me $1,000! Very much appreciated!”

– Bucky Richardson, Houston Oilers (1992-94); Dallas Cowboys (1995); K.C. Chiefs (1996)

PFRPA Vision Plan

In January 2019, the PFRPA Vision Plan, administered by VSP Vision Care, was made available exclusively for PFRPA members. We offer retired NFL players and their spouses access to the best in eye care and eyewear with this unprecedented coverage through the VSP Choice network.

Eligibility & Plan Coverage

Option 1

Retired NFL Player: A player may be eligible to enroll if he retired from the NFL by July 2013. In a calendar year, the enrolled member can choose one pair of frames (allowances vary) with prescription lenses included AND an annual supply of contacts.

Option 2

Retired NFL Player + Spouse: An enrolled retired NFL player can elect to add his lawful spouse to his vision coverage after submitting an Affidavit for Spousal Eligibility. In a calendar year, both the enrolled member and his spouse can each choose one pair of frames (allowances vary) with prescription lenses included AND an annual supply of contacts.

Value and Savings: The benefit comes with a $0 copay. PFRPA pays for 100% of the monthly premiums.

Eye Exam Coverage: The benefit includes a $0 copay for an in-network WellVision Exam and contact lens exam, every calendar year.

Add-ons: Discounts are available on additional exams; premium or custom progressive lenses; and frames over the coverage allowance.

Affidavit for Spousal Eligibility: To request an Affidavit via email, please contact PFRPA at [email protected].

To view the wide range of resources available through the PFPRA Vision Plan, please visit

Thoughts from Retired NFL Players

"I had an eye exam that was free thanks to the PFRPA Vision Plan. I went to Costco with my prescription and got two pairs of sunglasses with progressive lenses. I worked with the Costco rep and got two pairs of designer frames, getting the most expensive one free. The insurance worked for me, and I highly recommend it.”

– Estes Banks, Las Vegas Raiders (1967); Cincinnati Bengals (1968)

If you’re interested in receiving additional details, contact PFRPA at (703) 415-1500 or email [email protected].


In January 2021, the PFRPA Social Media Workshop became available for PFRPA members. It is a training opportunity for retired NFL players who want to engage and grow their social media influence for personal brands, businesses or organizations. We partnered with Creatitive, an Arizona-based sports digital branding and marketing agency, to design and deliver the webinar.

During the two-hour workshop, retired players learn the foundational purpose of social media and touch on relevant topics, such as building an online audience, branding, creating content and more. After completing the workshop, participants are empowered with additional resources to help them take what they have learned and put it into action.


The PFRPA Social Media Workshop is open to all PFRPA members.

Next Workshop

The PFRPA Social Media Workshop is a recurring training that takes place once every two months.

Thoughts from Retired NFL Players

"The PFRPA Social Media Workshop was a very nice presentation that added a lot of value and touched on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you to the Pro Football Retired Players Association for hosting."

– Derek Cox, Jacksonville Jaguars (2009-2013); Los Angeles Chargers (2013)

"Thank you to the PFRPA for holding the workshop. The presentation was excellent! Thank you for answering my questions too. The webinar was very insightful and will definitely help."

– Donald Greco, Detroit Lions (1982-1985)

Gridiron Gaming

In June 2019, PFRPA launched the Gridiron Gaming brand by hosting a full-scale, live gaming tournament in Dallas. Gridiron Gaming is PFRPA’s esports program that provides retired players an opportunity to compete again, while giving fans a chance to engage with their NFL heroes. The tournaments bridge the gap between traditional sports and esports through interactive, family-friendly experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Gridiron Gaming brings retired NFL and esports players together, creating a unique community where all can connect, learn and compete.

Learn More

Learn more about our esports program by visiting the Gridiron Gaming website.

Thoughts from Retired NFL Players

“I’ve been an athlete and a gamer my entire life. For the most part, those two passions have conflicted with each other. As someone working to bridge that gap, I’ve enjoyed being involved in Gridiron Gaming’s community events. Being able to play in gaming tournaments with former teammates, coaches and even the OGs of the NFL has been awesome! Gaming is a great avenue for current and former players to engage with their supporters, and I look forward to participating and assisting with Gridiron Gaming’s future events."

– Chase Baker, Minnesota Vikings (2012-2013)

“I had a great time joining the Arcade Tokens on the Coin Toss podcast. They are a sharp, intelligent and dedicated group of men. Their passion for the sport and culture of gaming is inspirational. I am excited that Gridiron Gaming is making headway into the gaming industry. I am so glad I had the opportunity to participate.”

– Javiar Collins, Dallas Cowboys (2002-2003)

Revenue generated through referral partnerships goes to the Greater Good Fund for benefits, programs and initiatives for retired NFL players.