frequently asked questions

Q: How was the Pro Football Retired Players Association (PFRPA) established?

A: In 2013, a settlement was reached in the Dryer, et al. v. National Football League case. Essentially, it was decided that there should be an organization established for the benefit of all retired NFL players. As a result, PFRPA became the first independent and court-established retired NFL player organization. The Greater Good Fund (GGF), PFRPA’s 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, is developing health, welfare and educational programs for retired NFL players.

PFRPA brought on WME | IMG to establish an independent licensing agency known as the Football Greats Alliance (FGA). It creates, develops and manages new revenue streams through the strategic development of retired player publicity rights.

Public Notice: Greater Good Fund Financial Statements available upon request.

Q: What benefits & programs have been developed through the Greater Good Fund?

A: The Greater Good Fund's first benefit is the PFRPA Dental Plan, which is administered by MetLife. The second benefit is the PFRPA Vision Plan, which is administered by VSP Vision Care. Please visit the Benefits & Programs page for more information on benefits.

Q: How do retired players benefit from the Settlement and the Greater Good Fund?

A: The Greater Good Fund focuses on and vets health and wellness programs; medical research; medical screenings and evaluations; short & long-term housing; financial literacy programs and career transition programs. The charitable foundation is currently funding two benefits and will continue to seek opportunities to assist retired NFL players.